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Welcome to Getting Real With Andrew Cohen! This is going to be the greatest show on earth. Well, hopefully. This is a show where we get real with other teenagers. Some famous, some not. But its all about TEENS!!! So come watch now for a new kind of interview show, A REAL ONE!!! The other ones are real, but this one is like even more real than the others because it has real in the title, and the other ones don't. So yeah.

Nov 8, 2017

Hey Guys! Sorry, we missed last week! Today on the show we have ETDERICK BETTIE, who is an actor, film producer, motivational speaker, and upcoming computer engineer. He wears many hats and we get into all of them in the interview. It is from the former Five Live Comedy, so the audio quality isn't too good. We also talk about the election. You know it's old because Donald Trump is still a nominee, sadly. 

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